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now "good morning maryland." it's a parent's worst nightmare. their child abducted stuffed in a car truck. a amber alert for darrick charles brown. and families evacuated after the storm last week may soon have a new place to call home. and it's another scorcher across maryland today. temperatures will reach dangerous levels. what you need to know to keep yourself and family safe. we have all the details for you
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on this tuesday morning. good morning, i am charley crowson. >> i am megan pringle. thanks for joining us. it was so hot yesterday it was unbearable. >> it was uncomfortable. felt like more than 100 degrees. justin, the storm was great. is there any relief in sight? >> the tomorrow add more moisture to the atmosphere. there is going to be relief. we have to do it one more time today. by the way, the winds did stir up during the afternoon. that was the only saving grace as we averaged 15 to 20 miles an hour. that's a little push of the air that helped when we had a heat index values around 100. and we had the eruption of storms a dozen reports or so of wind damage. heard a couple people talking about possible tornado touchdown near i-95 in harford county. nothing from the national weather service. nothing in the storm reports but at least there were visual impressions there was something going on. we have interesting clouds to show you later on this morning. stick with us.
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yesterday officially 93. it did feel like 100. went down to 75 this morning. feels like the 80s in many spots. and this is ground clutter. we are quiet on maryland's most powerful doppler radar as we aim for a high of 97 feeling like 105. more on the storm pictures and the forecast coming up. here's tonya with traffic. >> reporter: our artscape closures north avenue howard st. paul so be aware of that. we are doing okay for the most part on the main highways. let's look in white marsh, pulaski at white marsh, no problems here. drive times doing fine. 38 southbound five minutes shawan to the beltway. and outer loop 795 to 77, 7 minutes and 6 minutes between bel air and providence. serious accident in carroll county hampstead maryland 30 southbound shut down at business 30 near the traffic circle. and there i put a cone to remind you where artscape is. charley. >> thanks. 5:32. an amber alert, an 8-year-old boy has been abducted in
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baltimore. linda so is here with the details you need to know. >> reporter: well, we have a picture of the boy up on the website at abc2 news. as you click on the first story and the side show you will see a picture of the boy, his name is darrick charles brown. he is 8 years old. be on the lookout for a car similar to this one. it's a light green newer model ford taurus. police say he was abducted by someone driving that car. the boy was walking with a group of friends in the 300 block of glen avenue in southwest baltimore around -- gwen avenue in salt baltimore -- in southwest baltimore last night. he was seen wearing a black shirt with a red and white rocket on the front and black shorts. if you have seen the boy or the light green newer model ford taurus, call police or 911 immediately. call baltimore police at this number, 410-396-2100. but, again, on the website at
5:34 am, we have the latest information and details and a picture of the boy. you can click on it. it's the first story in the slide show. live in the interactive news center he, linda so, abc2 news. a pub lived presidential historian was one of two men caught with millions of dollars in documents. saturday, baltimore police charged the men on the screen 63-year-old barry lando and 24- year-old jason both of new york city with theft of more than 100,000 dollars of. he -- an historical society person said they saw him conceal the document and leave the library. upon searching him, lind found -- police found 60 documents valued at more than 1 million dollars.
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new for you this morning, police say a car ran off interstate 295 in southern new jersey and crashed into a tree killing three and seriously injuring a 9-year-old boy. two victims were from maryland. one of them from sherl and the other from landdown. it happened about 25 miles south of philidelphia. the three adults were dead at the scene but police credit two bystanders with saving the 9- year-old's life. they pulled the child from a burning car. making news around the nation a. high-speed chase in california comes to a end. it is caught on tape. it started when police tried to turn over a car. the driver took off and when the driver tried to get off the freeway, state police used what's called a pit maneuver. vehicle flipped over and the driver was taken into custody. roller coasters can be fright ng but for some riders in texas it was an extra spine -- frightening, but for some
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riders in texas, it was an extra spinetingling affair. the riders were stuck 14 stories high for half an hour. they were he is core to the ground and no injuries were reported and the ride was rolling once again one day later. >> probably not the thrills theywere seeking. when severe weather strikes, nothing can stand in its way. homes, cars, even history. >> coming, a man's reaction to what the rash of storms across michigan did to one of his most prized possessions. a unique first for the shuttle astronauts. you need a wi-fi and pots and pans and don't forget the apple pie. we will explain when "good morning maryland" continues. we are first and only at #:30 in the morning -- 4:30 in the morning. they don't get any bester than this. omg, it's kosher! with no fillers, by-products, artificial flavors or colors. hebrew national. the better than a hot dog, hot dog.
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severe storms did quite a bit of damage. in michigan look at the strong winds that blew through a neighborhood tree on top of steven anderson's 1927 ford model t. the car was crushed beyond repair. >> i seen that and turned around and couldn't look at it.
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i am just now look at it four hours later. and i am just now look at it close -- looking at it close. >> he says he parked it outside the garage because he was in a hurry. he purchased the car in california and just got ready to get it ready for cruising this summer. that's a shame. >> so much time and money goes into the cars. >> i know. we have heard the stories for a while. and we had bad weather here last night. severe rain and thunder and saw a little bit of everything. >> that's right and we have pictures to prove it to you from last night lightning rolling through harford county. there was some reports of a possible tornado. people were talking about hearing that on the dispatch radio. but no confirmation from the national weather service of anything even in the storm reports. but this from kevin novak. impressive lightning strike. he want to show you this shot from sarah williams from bel air using the fish eye lens. neat imagery of the lightning streaking across the sky. vivid lightning across the
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check piece beach area from april hill. this one rolling through about 10:30. so storms blew through the area. check out mount airy. the storms came during the 7:00 hour. it's not a tornado but a scud cloud. and you will see it right there. that's impressive. a pocket of cool air below the storm. doesn't feel cool this morning. 76 in annapolis. forecast in moment for the heat advisory. right now let's talk about traffic with tonya. >> reporter: we have a couple incidents here and there, but first, we will take a look outside. traveling north 795 at cocyks mill road. north of hear we have -- here we have a serious accident in carroll county. it's maryland 30 at business 30 near the traffic circle. south bound lane that was shut down is reversing traffic and northbound lanes are now shut down. and also 95 southbound at 175, we have an accident in jessup.
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here's an spurnes you hey not get -- experience you may not get again. want to have dinner with the crew of the space shuttle atlantis. the public can share in a virtual meal thursday. the astronauts and possibly the international space station crew will enjoy grilled chicken, barbeque brisket and baked beans. we can visits in a' website to get the recipes. they will finish up with always, mama's apple pie. >> delicious. moms, dads, listen up because your dinner plans may be change especially you want to go to a pennsylvania restaurants. >> coming, one restaurant is saying leave your youngsters at home. that story is straight ahead. >> reporter: we are under a code red heat alert. it would probably be a good idea to keep bottled water
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handy. more ways to beat the heat, coming up.
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keeping cool no doubt about it is the name of the game today because we are in for another hot one. abc2 news sherrie johnson is here with more on what you need
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a know today. >> reporter: well, baltimore city public schools are closed today because of the heat. many of the classrooms have no ac and that means no classes for students and staff today. but you know, on a day like this, it is a good idea to have some bottled water handy to help you cool off. we are in north baltimore at one of the cooling centers. a pretty good place to cool off today. and because of the high temperatures and potential danger, we are still under a code red heat alert which means staying cool is a top priority. baltimore city will open emergency cooling centers. each center has cool air and free water. the community action program operates five centers he around the -- around the city and we caught up with people finding different ways to beat the heat and one thing is for sure. they are taking the hot temperatures seriouslych the centers -- seriously. the centers will be open from 9 a.m. to 7 p.m. the hot temperatures can be deadly. baltimore city reported at least two heat related deaths this sum are so far.
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both victims were elderly. so it's always a good idea to check on the elderly and your friend and your neighbors to make sure that people are doing okay because once again, these hot temperatures can be deadly. reporting live in north baltimore, sherrie johnson, abc2 news. >> and we are working to help you keep you safe in the heat. head to and click on the hot weather guide and the slide show. and we have tips on how to stay cool and information to help you stay hydrated. storm victims from dundalk may have a new place to call home. 10 families at four seasons court were left home less after he severe weather last week. and they have been collecting personal belongings. >> right now, we are trying to get the stuff what we need when we get an apartment in two days. we are getting ready. so for now, we are going somewhere else. >> property management from the apartment complex along with the red cross are helping the familiesing apartments in the
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completely different area. now maryland's most powerful doppler radar and the forecast certified most accurate by weatherate. >> widespread storms yesterday taking brief relief for the heat but we have one more day to deal with the heat topping out across the area. heat advisory brings the heat index up to 105 this afternoon. temperatures go higher and humidity is piled on top of that. code orange air quality. thunderstorms will be isolated today. a nicer ento the week is expected. -- end to the week is expected. temperatures starting off in the mid-70s to near 80 and going to the 90s. 97 is what we are looking to head as we go through the afternoon. yesterday, we only hit 93. and a jump higher of 100 back towards st. louis. jackson mississippi also at 100. and we normally would be about 87 on this date. 97 the record. actually i was thinking we might not hit a record but this
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would tie a record set in 1908. one of the few days in the month of july where we have records below the 100 degree mark. it will be challenging today. as we look for the complex that blew through overnight, going to the south a. cold front west of the area may ignite showers today. not as widespread as we had. but yesterday evening, but there will be a chance as we go through the day of getting isolated showers and the better shot noon, where the energy will be primed to spop something -- pop something going on through the afternoon and evening. slightly lower humidity and it will start to eat away at the heat going through the rest of the week. for today, we are going to be able the peak of us for us. 105 the heat i decks. the heat -- index. heat advisory from noon to 10 p.m. isolated storms and any could be strong to severe but a very diminished risk compared to where we were a day ago. and as we check out tonight, look for a drop in the
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humidity. not so much a drop in temperatures, much but notice a little improvement. we will bottom out at 70. extended forecast, 90s again tomorrow. isolated shower possible. dropping into the 80s and nice on thursday and friday. we are looking for temperatures to climb over the weekend, but not until sunday. saturday still looks good at 84. pushing 88 on sunday itself and we will head back to near 90 as we go through early next week. again, the peak of the heat today and then we see the improvement. >> reporter: traffic is flowing freely. 70 eastbound from marysville towards the beltway. 795 right now. no problems to report at cockeysville from reisterstown through owings mills. nothing in your way heading towards the beltway. problems is carroll county in hempstead. near the traffic circle, one southbound lane is open. police are directing traffic there. and howard county, 95
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southbound at 175, we have an accident in jessup. everything is flowing freely 97 northbound out of parole. charley. >> thanks so much. education news for you this morning. governor omaley say pointing two -- it be o'malley is appointing two members to the board of education. james authorityon and ronald browning have been appointed to four-year terms. the governor says they will bring experience and expertise to the posts. hollywood casino may be raking in the dough but the slots parlor has not paid off for perryville. so far the casino turned over more than 4 million dollars to cecil county. however, it has withheld the town of perryville's money. the money cut which is about 35%. >> i think some residents feel they were sold a bill of good and that some parties whether it's the county or state are reneging on promises made. >> he until they get the money plans for a baseball -- until they get the money, plans for
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abaseball field and replacing a double wide building for police are put on hold. policy sparking controversy. a restaurant in pennsylvania are saying no more dinner to any one under 6. why you ask? because the owners say kids are too noisy. stephanie kelly has been going to mcdaniel's once a week since her son was born a year ago. now that child, him, yeah. that is being banned. >> it was an ignorant decision. >> the owner says he is confident most of his customers will support this new no kid policy. this is the hot topic on facebook. we are asking you what you think about this. no kid policies at restaurants. what do you think? good for business or bad all the way around. go to the ma -- wmar facebook fan page and leave your thoughts at the top of the page regarding no kid policies at
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restaurants. >> i am curious to see what people think. >> reaction will probably be stiff. now for 18 years, she was held captive and gave birth to two children. >> an unbelievable story. coming, jaycee dugard has a book to give you insight into the life she lived after she was kidnapped at the age of 11. we will tell you where and when you can pick up a copy. two astronauts stepping out in space this morning. what they hope to accomplish during the one and only space walk. you are watching "good morning maryland" first and only at 4:30.
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a funeral service will be held today in palm desert california for bedy -- betty ford. mrs. obama and three formers first ladies will attend a second funeral will be in thursday in grand rapids michigan where she grew up. she died on friday at age of 93. today jaycee dugard will release her memoir giving incites into her years of captivity. she was kidnapped in 1991 and held for 18 years by a paroleed sex offender. astronauts of the space shuttle atlantis will perform
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the only space walk of their 12- day mission. this set for 8:44 this morning. this is nasa's final space shuttle mission. the crew will spend an extra day in space returning now on july 21st. all right. news time is 5:57. having good health care is important no matter where and when you need it. yeah. coming up, why there's a certain month that you choose to get treatment that could affect your quality of care. and for three weeks, wildlife officials have been trying to catch this duck. how it ended up with a dard in its head. take a look -- dart in its head. take a look. ♪ [ female announcer ] everybody loves that cushiony feeling. uh oh. i gotta go. [ female announcer ] and with charmin ultra soft, you can get that same cushiony feeling you love while still using less. charmin ultra soft has extra cushions that are soft and more absorbent. so you can use four times less versus the leading value brand.
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now "good morning maryland." a juror responds and now it's the judge's turn to hand counsel the -- down the sentence. >> we are in for more hot temperatures today. i am she j

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